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Here’s a sincere welcome to all the Genshin fans, who are eager to show their love to Genshin.

It is well known that Genshin is famous for its uniqueness. Many people are inspired by it, like the famous singer Billie Eilish. Hence you must want to get some inspiration and own something about Genshin. The chance comes. Our store supplies a wide range of merchandise, including decoration, accessories, clothing, home, and living... We offer it all to perfect our customers' needs. Fortunately, you also have the chance to create products you want to design for you that are worth everything here.


A Brief Introduction to Genshin

If you are newer to the game, don’t worry about that. Let’s get to know Genshin and you must be crazy about it.


The Story of This Game

Genshin Impact takes place in a fantasy world named Teyvat which has seven diverse nations. In this story, a traveler has traveled through countless worlds with his twin brothers before he separates from them. After that, the traveler with his companion begins to search for his lost brothers and sisters in all directions and participate in the Teyvat country's affairs. Then the story begins.


The Method of Playing

It is an action role-playing game developed by Chinese company miHoYo and first released in 2020. The game adopts cleverly the animation style loved by most people, the open-world environment, and the action-based combat system. It applies magical elements and character switching. What’s more, you are allowed to play it without payment. The players can obtain new characters and weapons. The gamers organize a team of many interchangeable characters and start the assignment with adventures to boost their rank and meet powerful allies. But if the new character wants to get the characters on the Character Event Wish banner, you have to spend a lot to unlock the character you wish since this is based on the gacha mechanics. Don’t feel sad, you can get your character by buying something about it here at Genshin Merch.


Why Choose Genshin Merch?


The Popular Genshin Impact Series

Genshin Impact Series is current and supported by many people for its style. People from all over the world attempt to look for Genshin merchandise everywhere. Here we have various kinds of merchandise to satisfy your demands. You can bring it home easily wherever you are.


Our Competitive Price and Quality

The quality is as important as the style you want to get. At Genshin Merch we can ensure that you will get the highest quality. The highest quality will bring you the best shopping experience. Are you worried about the price? Here you will be offered the lowest price and a big discount.


Our Convenient Delivery and Payment

Buy your products here, the shipping is much faster and you'll get free shipping if the order is over 49.

Our payment methods are trusted by the most reputable sources. Which include Paypal, and Credit/Debit Cards. For more issues please contact us at our email [email protected]


Our Mission

Our whole shop is designed to engage our customers to gain a more comfortable shopping experience and attempt to satisfy your demands in all respects. We treat our customers with the utmost respect and offer the highest quality service that you deserve. We’re always here to support and help your disposal with any queries that might arise.


Wish you have a happy shopping experience. We are waiting for you.